A beautiful smile is often cited as one of the most attractive physical features. A smile can also convey warmth and confidence which are certainly beneficial traits for just about any circumstance. Individuals with missing teeth are often embarrassed and as such never smile, or when they do, they hide their smiles behind a hand or object.  Dentures may be the answer! When you partner with Fioritto Family Dental, we understand how you feel and have solutions to restore your wonderful smile and oral health.

There are several options to explore when you lose a tooth, including dental implants and bridges, but if you lose several teeth you may want to consider custom denture.  What are dentures and how do they differ from other dental options?  What benefits will you enjoy when you choose a denture to restore your smile?

What are Dentures?

Removable ‘false teeth’ that come in full or partial sets to act as a replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissue.  These custom oral appliances are made to mimic the look of your natural teeth so that you can continue to smile, laugh, eat, and drink with confidence.  They may be temporarily held in place with dental fixative, or you may be a candidate for implants that provide a more secure and permanent base.

To create your custom solution, our dentists will take measurements and impressions of your mouth to create a series of models.  We then test the models for fit to identify the solution that will work best for you.  When we determine the most optimal fit, custom removable dentures will be made for your mouth.

It takes time to adjust to wearing dentures, but soon you’ll be able to talk, eat, and smile naturally.  Biting or chewing hard or tough foods can cause dentures to come unseated.  With practice, you’ll enjoy the full function your natural teeth once filled.

Benefits of Dentures

Tooth loss can be a traumatic experience that compromises oral function, appearance and impacts your overall confidence.  Restoring your smile can provide a host of benefits.

From a purely practical standpoint, dentures return the function compromised by tooth loss, allowing you to resume eating many of the foods you love. Missing teeth can also alter the contours of your face. Dentures fill out these hollows and restore your bite pattern, returning your jaw and cheeks to their natural contours.

You’ll also enjoy the psychological benefits of a smile restoration with dentures.  Significant gaps in teeth or a complete lack of upper and/or lower teeth can be stigmatizing and demolish your self-esteem.  Recreating your natural smile with dentures helps you regain the confidence needed to socialize with ease.

Whether you need full or partial dentures, our dental team is ready to offer the best options for your specific needs.  Contact Fioritto Family Dental today at 440-951-5511 or schedule a consultation online!