Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

We all want a perfect smile.  Often cited as one of the most attractive features, a beautiful smile can help make a great first impression, build confidence, improve your social life, and even improve your chances to get a job. Periodontal Surgery may be the answer for you.

What if you don’t have a perfect smile?  Maybe you have too much gum tissue, giving the appearance of shorter teeth.  Or perhaps your gums have receded, exposing more tooth roots and making them appear too long.  What if you’ve suffered tooth loss, leaving indentations in the jaw bone and affecting the contours of your face?

The good news is Fioritto Family Dental can help with a variety of effective cosmetic periodontal procedures.  Not only can we correct your smile and attain beautiful cosmetic results, but we can also address oral health issues that may play a role in gum recession or tooth loss, helping to prevent further injury.  Listed below are a few of the cosmetic periodontal procedures we offer.

Crown Lengthening

When excess gum tissue extends too far on teeth, it presents as a “gummy” smile and makes teeth appear short.  Luckily, this is easy to address with a crown lengthening procedure.

During this procedure, we’ll reshape your gum tissue to create the attractive appearance you prefer, carefully preserving your oral health.  We may also reshape your teeth to ensure a perfect smile line.

Gum Grafting

Gum recession occurs when gum tissue draws away from the teeth, exposing the roots.  This condition makes teeth appear too long.  This not only impacts your appearance, but it can cause discomfort from increased sensitivity to hot or cold food/liquids, and open the door to issues such as plaque buildup, tooth decay, infection, and more.

This condition can be easily treated with gum grafting.  The gum graft is added to the receded gum area to enhance the gum line, cover exposed roots, and create a less “toothy” smile.  This will help to prevent damage to roots and minimize the chance of gum recession in the future.

Bone Grafting

Tooth loss can be disheartening and traumatic, whether it’s due to an accident, illness, or gum disease.  Tooth replacement is the next step to restore your smile.  Tooth replacement via dental implants requires strong and healthy jaw bones.  If your bone is weak or has begun to recede, a bone grafting procedure can improve strength and density to create an ideal condition for dental implants.

If you are not happy with a gummy, toothy, or incomplete smile, contact Fioritto Family Dental today at 440-951-5511.  You can email us or complete our online form too!