Tooth Injury

Pediatric Tooth Injury

There’s no denying that children are active and full of energy, often to the dismay of parents afraid of accidents and injuries. When a tooth injury occurs, you may be understandably distressed, but there’s no need to panic.

In some cases, tooth injury can be prevented, but if all else fails and your child suffers dental trauma, we have the expertise to preserve the tooth, repair damage, or offer other treatment options. When you need an experienced pediatric dentistry, Fioritto Family Dental is ready to help.

Preventing Tooth Injury
The key to preventing tooth injury often revolves around teaching kids to behave safely and responsibly. For example, you should teach them not to chew on hard objects and not to walk or run with things in their mouth.

For kids that are active, especially those that play sports, the talented team at Fioritto Family Dental can create a custom-fitted mouthguard to protect against trauma. There’s a greater risk for accidents and dental injuries for kids who play sports, and preventive care like oral devices can help to minimize risks and harm.

Treating an Injured Tooth 
When a tooth is damaged or knocked out, you needn’t panic. Your child is already upset and hurt, so the best thing you can do is remain calm and call Fioritto Family Dental immediately to see if care is necessary, and if you should schedule an appointment to assess the damage and treat the injury.

If there is blood, you’ll want to place a small piece of folded gauze at the site to curb bleeding. If the tooth is chipped or broken, try to collect the pieces. You can give your child cold water or an ice pop to soothe the pain and reduce swelling until you see us.

If a tooth has fallen out, retrieve it by the crown (try not to touch roots), rinse it with milk (stop the sink first in case you drop it), and if you can, try to reposition it in the socket (if your child will cooperate). If your child is in too much pain or you fear he/she will swallow the tooth, place it in milk for transport and contact Fioritto Family Dental immediately.

Trusted Pediatric Dentistry
When a child suffers tooth trauma, it’s only natural to worry about the lasting impact. Our dental professionals work hard to repair damage, salvage the injured tooth, and offer treatment options to preserve your child’s smile.

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