Pediatric Dental FAQ

Pediatric Dental FAQs

As a new parent, you have plenty of questions about everything, from basics about feedings and changing diapers, to concerns about early childhood development.  When it comes to the subject of pediatric dentistry, we at Fioritto Family Dental are ready to help.  Here are just a few FAQs to get you started.

Pediatric Dentistry: What to Know

 – What is pediatric dentistry?

This special field of dentistry is focused on oral health from infancy through adolescence.

– When should I bring my child in for a first visit?

We typically recommend scheduling your child’s first dental visit around their third birthday.

– How can I care for my infant’s oral health?

You can start an oral care routine as soon as you bring your newborn home.  Simply clean your baby’s mouth and gums with a clean, soft, damp cloth after the morning feeding and before bed daily to remove harmful sugar and bacteria that could cause gum disease and tooth decay.

When the first teeth appear (around six months), switch to an infant toothbrush and a tiny (rice sized) amount of ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste.  When teeth start to touch, begin flossing.  Schedule a first dental visit with Fioritto Family Dental around your child’s third birthday so we can perform a gentle oral exam and discuss a personalized plan for dental care.

– Why is early dental care so important for children?

You don’t want your child to suffer the pain of tooth decay and other issues like gum disease when they can be so easily prevented with proper oral hygiene and regular visits to Fioritto Family Dental for cleaning, examination, and x-rays.  Additionally, healthy baby teeth lay the groundwork for adult teeth to grow in healthy, strong, and straight.  When you take the right steps early in life to maintain optimal oral health, you’ll set the stage for a lifetime of healthy habits and prevent major oral health concerns.

– How can I get my child to brush?

As a parent, the best thing you can do is set a good example.  Work with Fioritto Family Dental to teach young kids how to brush and floss properly.  Follow a strict daily regimen of oral care, and watch your kids to make sure they’re brushing and flossing correctly.  You can also make the process fun by brushing and flossing with your kids, or even playing a song during this activity (to make sure they brush long enough).

 Additional Pediatric Dentistry Questions

If you have any additional pediatric dentistry questions or you need further information, contact the Fioritto Family Dental team now at 440-951-5511 or online to learn more.