Orthodontic FAQ

Orthodontic Dental Braces FAQs

You probably have many questions about dental braces and orthodontic treatment and the long-term results you can expect.  At Fioritto Family Dental, we’re more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have before you (or your children) begin treatment.

Dental Braces – What You Need to Know

First and foremost, you need to understand that traditional orthodontic braces are designed to improve imperfections in your smile and your bite.  This is accomplished by attaching metal brackets to teeth and threading wires through them that can be incrementally tightened over time to move your teeth and jaws into optimal position.  Dental braces can improve both the function and appearance of your smile, and treatment times typically range from six months to two years or longer.  Each case is different.

When Should I Bring My Child for an Orthodontic Consultation?

We can often tell as early as seven years of age if children will need braces to correct their misalignment and/or bite issues.  This doesn’t necessarily mean treatment will begin at this time, but a first visit around this age is ideal for planning and preventing further issues.  Your child may or may not need dental braces – what you need to know is that early diagnosis with Fioritto Family Dental can make a difference in treatment options.

Do Braces Hurt?

One of the most common questions about dental braces is what to expect when wearing them.  There is generally no pain involved in applying brackets and wires, but it’s natural to feel some achiness following adjustments, which may occur every 4-10 weeks, depending on your treatment plan.  Discomfort can be easily treated with over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin or ibuprofen.

How Can I Eat and Clean My Teeth with Braces?

Braces are designed to be resilient, holding up to activities like chewing, brushing, and flossing, but you still have to exercise some caution.  We advise our patients to avoid chewing hard items (candy, popcorn, ice cubes, etc.), sticky foods (taffy, caramel, and so on), and raw vegetables that could become lodged in the braces and damage them.

You can and should brush and floss normally while wearing braces and continue scheduling regular visits for cleaning and examination at Fioritto Family Dental.  We will provide dental aides and directions for use to minimize the formation of tooth decay and gum disease.

Additional Questions about Dental Braces

If you need further information about braces, or you didn’t find answers to your questions, be sure to contact the Fioritto Family Dental team at 440-951-5511 or online to schedule an appointment.