Braces Adult & Children

Braces for Adults and Children

A dazzling smile is often the first thing people notice, so it’s no surprise that those who suffer from smile imperfections might want to hide them. You certainly don’t have to live with crooked teeth or a gap-filled smile that can destroy your confidence.  With the right corrective treatment from Fioritto Family Dental, you can finally enjoy the self-assurance that comes from a beautiful smile. At Fioritto Family Dental, our talented orthodontic team has the training and expertise to assess any smile imperfections and recommend the best treatment options to correct them.  We offer braces for both children and adults.

 Are Braces Right for Me?

Many dental issues can be corrected with orthodontic braces.  Whether you suffer from gaps, crowding, rotated teeth, or you’re dealing with an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or overjet, we’ll assess your situation and create a personalized plan for your care. We’ll work as a team to ensure the finest outcome.

Best Orthodontic Braces

There are many options for correcting alignment and bite issues, and you may be a candidate for one or more of them.  Traditional orthodontic braces have a long history of effectively delivering results, and that hasn’t changed.  The use of metal brackets and wires to move teeth and realign the jaw is still a common practice, especially among adolescents.

The good news is that even this time-tested method has improved, and now clear brackets may be used for greater comfort and discretion.  Lingual braces that attach to the inside of teeth and remain hidden, have also become a popular option.

Many adults are interested in invisible aligners, or sets of clear, plastic trays that are custom made to fit perfectly over the top and bottom rows of teeth.  These removable aligners are practically invisible during wear and you can conveniently pop them out when you want to eat or brush your teeth.

Dental Braces

At Fioritto Family Dental, we’re committed to providing every patient with a beautiful, healthy smile that improves appearance and boosts confidence.  Often, we can tell by the age of seven, if a child will need braces to correct misalignment or bite issues.  This doesn’t mean braces will be placed at that age, it just means we can properly plan for the right time. We’re also happy to help adults decide on braces that best suit their needs and delivers the solution they prefer.

If you’re ready to get started or you’re concerned your child may need braces, don’t hesitate to contact our office today at 440-951-5511 or online to schedule an appointment.