Tooth Trauma

When an accident occurs and causes injury to teeth, jaw, or face, you may need immediate care to assess and treat the injury, and to avoid further harm.  This is where Fioritto Family Dental can help!  A highly experienced dentist is here to help you and your family manage a dental trauma incident.

An athlete for instance, can often avoid injury to the mouth/teeth by wearing a mouth guard, however no dental appliance is foolproof.  Accidents still happen, leaving the patient with pain, swelling and possibly broken or missing teeth.  What types of dental trauma can Fioritto Family Dental help?

Dental Trauma

A traumatic injury due to athletic pursuits, auto accidents, or other circumstances, may require immediate attention. If severe bleeding occurs, it’s best to visit an emergency room at a nearby hospital or urgent care facility. Treatment for accidents that result in cracked, chipped, loose teeth, or even a tooth that has been knocked out, is best suited for a dentist at Fioritto Family Dental.

A loose or knocked-out tooth will require immediate attention, usually within six hours (although as soon as possible) to save the tooth and prevent further harm.  If a tooth has been knocked out, place it back in the socket (if possible) and gently hold it in place until you arrive our office.

If you cannot insert the missing tooth, gently rinse it with water, place it between the cheek and the gum, or place it in a container of cold milk for transport.  If a chip has occurred, try to save the missing portion of the tooth as it may be possible to repair.

Unexplained Tooth Pain

When you experience acute tooth pain that won’t go away, it could signal a serious and pressing oral health concern. It is a good idea to contact our office to find out if you can schedule an appointment to come in for a visit.  Tooth pain could be related to injury, illness, decay, or loose dental work, among other things.  Any of these may require care to prevent further harm and alleviate pain symptoms.

Other Tooth Trauma Situations

If you haven’t suffered trauma to your mouth and you aren’t experiencing an emergency related to your teeth, you may still need to seek care for infected gums or orthodontic treatment.  Injuries to the gums or other soft tissue (cheeks, tongue, etc.) can cause pain and lead to infection.  Abscesses, in particular, may require fast care.  While orthodontic emergencies are rare, trauma and/or broken hardware, or alternately, infection of gum tissue, could require immediate care.

If you experience trauma, infection or pain, contact Fioritto Family Dental immediately at 440-951-5511.