Tooth Extraction

While dental professionals do all they can to help you maintain optimal oral health and reduce the chances of tooth loss, there are times when extraction is necessary and even beneficial.  For example, it’s not uncommon to recommend tooth removal in order to alleviate severe crowding before installing orthodontic braces.

Many teens and adults have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent cavity formation in hard-to-reach back molars, or if teeth are impacted, to stop them from shifting other teeth forward and causing misalignment or crowding issues.  Children sometimes have baby teeth removed to make way for adult teeth to come in.

There are also cases in which emergency tooth extraction becomes necessary, as with trauma, significant tooth decay, or diseases, for example.  Regardless of why you need tooth extraction, the trained dentists at Fioritto Dental can walk you through the process, ensure your comfort throughout, and create a plan for successful outcomes following removal.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Following visual examination and x-rays, our dental professionals will come up with a plan for tooth extraction that may include simply pulling the tooth or alternately, performing oral surgery to remove an impacted tooth that is partially or fully concealed beneath bone and/or gum tissue.  Often, tooth extraction can be performed under local anesthesia, used to numb the jaw, face, and teeth.

For more complex surgical procedures (like wisdom teeth), the use of IV sedation is common for patient comfort and overall efficiency.  Nervous patients should ask about sedation dentistry options for their own comfort and peace of mind.

Once numbness is achieved, your dental professional will carefully extract the tooth, attempting to avoid damage to surrounding tissues.  The area will be thoroughly cleaned to avoid infection and, in some cases, prepare for tooth replacement.  You may need stitches, depending the complexity of the extraction.

If you’re in need of extraction services, contact the trained and experienced professionals at Fioritto Dental now at 440-951-5511 or online to schedule an appointment.