Bonding Teeth

Dental imperfections due to chips, cracks, decay, discoloration and other small imperfections can be easily repaired and restored using dental bonding. Bonding teeth can quickly and effectively restore your smile while looking totally natural!

What Is Dental Bonding?

When you arrive at our office for the pain-free dental bonding procedure we will explain the entire process to you.  We essentially build up your tooth (teeth) to repair the imperfections using the same material that is used for a composite filling. This material is ideal for the bonding process because it literally bonds to your tooth and becomes one solid imperfection-free surface.  The bonding material can also be beautifully color matched to your specific shade of teeth.  As with a filling, we use the same great color matching process to ensure your bonding is undetectable and restore the tooth function. While bonding is a relatively simple process, it is critical to use an experienced dental professional! Your dental bonding repair should always be undetectable!

How Does the Tooth Bonding Process Work?

The tooth bonding process is very straightforward and is typically completed in a single office visit of one-hour or less. We begin by ensuring the tooth is totally clean and free of plaque. We then place an etching on the prepared part of the tooth to open the tiny pores within your tooth. From there, we begin to paint on the composite material to fill the pores the etching material has opened. Using a special light, we cure the bonding material as each layer of material is placed.  This layering process builds up the tooth for strength.  We proceed by shaping the material to match and align with the rest of your smile.  Lastly, we polish the tooth to create a truly undetectable repair.

Cleaning and Caring for Bonded Teeth

Take care of your bonded teeth by brushing and flossing twice daily!  Be sure to visit your dentist every six months for a cleaning and dental checkup. We also suggest avoiding food and drink known to stain teeth such as red wine, coffee and tea.  Additionally, smoking will also stain bonded teeth.   Bonded teeth cannot be lightened or whitened. It’s also important to avoid chewing your nails, pen caps and other hard objects!

Thinking about dental bonding? Let us show you how bonding can transform and restore your smile! Call Fioritto Family Dental today.