Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

A brilliant, white smile is not only the best way to show your confidence and friendly personality; it’s also a sign of youth, which is one of the reasons this feature is so universally appealing.  Unfortunately, your smile can become discolored or stained from the foods and beverages you consume, the use of tobacco products, certain ailments or medications, and even simple aging. Teeth whitening is the answer!

The first thing you need to do when you suffer tooth discoloration (of one or more teeth), or general yellowing associated with aging, is speak to your dental professional.  This trained specialist can help to pinpoint the cause of discoloration in order to properly address the issue.  Unfortunately, not all types of discoloration can be corrected with teeth whitening procedures.  In some cases, bonding, veneers, or other solutions may be preferable.

If, however, you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening services, your dentist can explain available procedures and make a recommendation that best suits your needs.  What can you expect when you decide to partner with the qualified and caring specialists at Fioritto Dental to whiten your smile?

Teeth Whitening Services

When it comes to bleaching procedures, two of the most common methods are on-site teeth bleaching and at-home bleaching.  Both can deliver the dramatic whitening results you crave, but there are a few other factors to consider before you choose.

 – Bleaching Trays

This traditional method of professional teeth whitening starts by taking a mold of your teeth at the dental office in order to create custom fitted bleaching trays.  When they’re ready, you’ll receive an upper and lower tray, along with a supply of whitening gel that you’ll squeeze into trays before fitting them onto your teeth.

With at-home bleaching, you’ll have to wear trays for about an hour a day for two to four weeks before you’ll see results.  You’ll also need to avoid foods that cause staining during this time (coffee, tea, soda, wine, etc.) to ensure optimal results.  The nice thing about bleaching trays is that you can reuse them for touch-ups down the line

– Laser Teeth Bleaching

This method of teeth whitening is far more convenient.  A laser whitening session can be completed in as little as about an hour in-office and result in immediate and significant improvement to your smile, but you may need 2-4 sessions to see final results.  It will depend on the shade of your teeth and desired level of whitening.

Laser whitening is performed under the direct supervision of dental professionals, who will monitor progress and check in to see if you’re feeling any sensitivity.  The caring professionals at Fioritto Dental want to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure.

When you’re ready to improve your smile dramatically with professional teeth whitening services, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Fioritto Dental at 440-951-5511 or online to schedule an appointment and learn more.