Tooth Injury

Tooth Injury

Our teeth are quite strong – in fact, they’re stronger than our bones – but they’re not indestructible.  The tooth’s outer shell of enamel covers a calcified layer called dentin, and all of this protects the soft inner tissue, or pulp.  However, tooth injury can occur as a result of various circumstances, causing a host damage that may threaten the health of your tooth.

If you injured a tooth, or several teeth, the first thing to do is contact Fioritto Family Dental as soon as possible.  Our dentists can diagnose problems related to tooth injury and recommend appropriate treatment options.

What damage can result from a tooth injury?  What are the treatment options?  Here are a few things you should know.

Causes of Tooth Injury

Injury can occur any time there is trauma to the tooth or surrounding areas.  Tooth injury is commonly associated with accidents from slips and falls, sports and automobile crashes.  Such injuries can result in damage to the tooth itself or surrounding tissue, or trauma that leads to the onset of infection or inflammation.

Potential Damage from Tooth Injury

Trauma to the tooth may result in nothing more than swelling that goes down on its own with the aid of icing and anti-inflammatory medication.  However, an accident can also result in more serious damage, such as a tooth that is cracked, chipped, fractured at the roots, or been knocked completely out of the socket.

Certain injuries, like minor cracks or chips, may not even be visible, and they may not cause any pain.  In time, however, these minor cracks and chips may open the door to infection that reaches the inner pulp of the tooth.  Significant tooth injury will require a professional dental examination and treatment to correct.  Seeking dental treatment from the Fioritto Family Dental team will also prevent further oral health concerns.

Possible Treatment Options

Teeth that become cracked, chipped, or broken may be treated with dental fillings, however, if the tooth is visible, bonding may be used to restore the appearance of the tooth.  In some cases, teeth that are knocked out can actually be salvaged by placing the tooth back into the socket.  The ability to replace knocked out teeth depends on the trauma, the state of the tooth, and how quickly treatment can be administered.

If a tooth root is affected, or an infection sets in, a root canal treatment may be necessary.  A root canal involves the removal of infected tissue, and then filling and sealing the tooth.  Some teeth may require crowns, depending on the damage.

If you’ve suffered a tooth injury, don’t wait for the situation to get worse.  Contact the dental experts at Fioritto Family Dental today at 440-951-5511.  Reach out to us online too!