Root Canal

Root Canal

When you experience intense, ongoing tooth pain, it can be all-consuming.  Anyone who’s suffered a toothache knows just how bad it can be.  When the pulp, or soft tissue within the tooth, becomes infected or inflamed it can cause significant pain. This inflammation or infection can be the result of tooth decay, trauma, or disease.  The best way to treat this is with a root canal.

Why does tooth pulp become infected or inflamed?  What can you expect with a root canal treatment?  Are there alternatives to root canal?  Here are a few things you should know about root canal treatment.

Why is a Root Canal Necessary?

Generally speaking, the soft tissue of your tooth is protected by a hard, outer shell of enamel, and a thick layer of calcified dentin.  If, however, you suffer tooth decay that erodes the tooth enamel and allows bacteria to breach the tooth’s defenses, it could result in an infection of your pulp.  Untreated cracks and chips can speed this process, allowing bacteria easy access to the inner portion of the tooth.

Trauma could also be to blame.  If you experience tooth injury due to a sports or an auto accident, it could compromise the integrity of the tooth, leading to infection or inflammation of the pulp.  A root canal is the only way to remove dead or decaying pulp and stop the spread of disease.

What to Expect

The first thing we at Fioritto Family Dental want you to know, is our endodontists at Fioritto Family Dental are committed to ensuring your comfort and health.  Root canals are intended to eliminate pain cause by diseased pulp, salvage your natural tooth, and restore oral function.

The process begins with local anesthesia to ensure a pain-free experience.  Additional options, including sedation dentistry, are available for patients with dental anxiety or for those experiencing extreme pain.

From there, the diseased pulp is removed.  The area will be thoroughly cleaned, filling material will be placed, and the tooth is sealed.  Some patients may also need a dental crown placed over the tooth, in case their teeth are brittle or weak.

Alternatives to Root Canal

When pulp becomes so damaged, and the tooth is badly broken down, there’s really only one alternative to a root canal, and that is tooth extraction.  We do our utmost to try and save every tooth, but sometimes, a tooth cannot be saved.

There’s no need to suffer with tooth pain.  To schedule an appointment with the highly experienced doctors at Fioritto Family Dental, call 440-951-5511.  You can also reach out to us online!