What Can Braces Do for Your Dental Health?

When we think of braces, most people associate them with straightening teeth. Braces are often used to correct misaligned teeth, but they offer more benefits than just an even smile. They can improve your overall oral health in other ways. If you’re considering braces, here’s how they work and some of the additional advantages you can expect. How do braces…

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Understanding the Benefits of Retainers

Retainers are most often used following orthodontal treatment, such as braces. Retainers, as the name implies, help to ‘retain’ the proper position of the jaw and teeth from misaligning or crowding. There are various types of retainers, from removable to permanent options. Wearing your retainer properly is the key to preserving your dental work and maintaining your brand-new, beautiful smile.…

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The Truth About Braces

Braces get a bad rap!  Yes, some patients may feel mild discomfort when they first get braces placed, or after periodic adjustments are made to the braces, but typically, braces are very-well tolerated!  Just in case you have some mild soreness, we have several easy solutions to reduce or eliminate your temporary discomfort. Below, we’ve provided several tips to help…

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