Traveling This Summer? Try These Dental Care Tips

Summer is here, and many Ohioans are hitting the road in search of adventure and relaxation—but don’t neglect your dental health routine while you’re on vacation! Your teeth and gums are still vulnerable to plaque and bacteria, no matter where you are.

Try these tips to ensure great oral health while you’re out of town.

Pack the essentials

When you’re packing your clothes, shoes, devices and charging cords, don’t forget to pack dental care essentials for each member of your family. Depending on how many people you’re traveling with and how long you’ll be gone, one travel-sized tube of toothpaste per person is a good starting point. Compact travel toothbrushes are readily available, but if you’d prefer to take a full-sized version, you can find travel holders to protect the bristles.

Floss and floss picks are small and easy to pack, too. If you use picks, pack one per person per day you’ll be gone. Finally, toss a Fioritto-approved travel-sized bottle of mouthwash (or two) in your bag.

Maintain your routine

Part of the fun of vacation is that our normal routines go out the window, but your dental care routine should remain the same. Brush your teeth at least twice per day, as usual. Next, make some time to floss each evening before bed. If your kids are reluctant, make it part of the vacation bedtime routine.

Flossing with floss picks and rinsing your mouth with water is a great way to remove food particles after a meal, especially if it’s not convenient to brush or use mouthwash right away.

Stay hydrated and use clean water for brushing

Drinking plenty of water helps rinse away food and bacteria. It’s also a healthier choice than soda, coffee and energy drinks, which travelers consume to stay awake during long drives or when they’re jet lagged. If you need that jolt of caffeine, try to drink water afterwards to rinse away sugar and prevent stains.

It’s also important to use clean water for brushing and rinsing, especially when you go camping or travel to locations with questionable water supplies. Bring enough distilled, bottled water to drink, plus an additional supply for each person to brush and rinse twice per day.

Pack healthy snacks

Finding healthy food when you’re on the road can be a challenge. Sugary snacks and fast food are convenient, but they’re not great for your oral health. Try packing plenty of healthy snacks to last until you reach your destination, then locate a grocery store to replenish your supply as needed. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a good choice, and many grocers sell pre-washed, pre-cut versions for people on the go.

These tips will help you maintain good oral hygiene no matter where your travels take you. Don’t forget to carry Fioritto Family Dental’s contact information with you, too: if you have a dental emergency, we can provide advice and help you create an action plan.

Call Fioritto Family Dental today to schedule your next appointment—and enjoy your summer vacation!