Is it Time to Brighten Your Smile?

With prom, graduation and wedding season just around the corner, many of us will be attending social events and taking a lot of photos. If your teeth are stained, you may not feel comfortable flashing a big smile. Can professional teeth whitening be right for you?

Fioritto Dental offers two professional whitening solutions: bleaching trays and laser teeth bleaching. We’re happy to help you achieve a brighter smile—and when you schedule your next appointment, we’ll review the best ways to make it happen.

Bleaching trays

Bleaching trays are a safe and effective whitening method. After your Fioritto Family dentist has approved this method for you, we’ll begin by taking an impression/mold of your teeth. This is used to create a set of custom bleaching trays for your upper and lower teeth.

When the trays are ready, you can use them with the supplied professional whitening gel to bleach your teeth at home. The process takes about an hour a day for two to four weeks.  Length of time depends on the current color of your teeth and how white you want your teeth to become. Once you’ve reached your desired level of whitening, you can stop the whitening process and save the trays for future touch-ups.

At-home bleaching takes time, and thus it may not be suitable for people who want faster results. You’ll also want to avoid food and beverages such as coffee, tea, and wine, which can stain your teeth during the whitening period. However, your Fioritto dentist will be available to monitor your progress and help you manage any sensitivity or other issue which may arise during or after the whitening process.

Laser teeth bleaching

If you need or want faster results, laser teeth bleaching may be right for you. This whitening method takes about an hour per session. Patients may need two to four sessions, depending on the current color of their teeth and the final desired shade.

During the procedure, you’ll be given a mouthguard to help keep your mouth open. Your dentist will take preventative measures to protect your gums during the bleaching process, so as to prevent gum irritation. Once the whitening gel is applied, a laser will be used to activate the gel. After a few minutes, your dentist will remove the gel. Your Fioritto Family dentist will monitor you throughout the process to ensure you’re comfortable.

This process may be repeated several times during a single session, depending on your individual need. Once the session is over, all you have to do is drink clear liquids and avoid dark-colored foods and beverages for 24 hours.

Is professional tooth whitening right for me?

Professional teeth whitening is a great way to brighten your smile and improve your self-confidence. If you’re not sure whether it’s right for you—or which method is the best—we can help you decide. Simply schedule an appointment with your Fioritto dentist, and get ready to enjoy a brighter, whiter smile in no time!