What Can Braces Do for Your Dental Health?

When we think of braces, most people associate them with straightening teeth. Braces are often used to correct misaligned teeth, but they offer more benefits than just an even smile. They can improve your overall oral health in other ways.

If you’re considering braces, here’s how they work and some of the additional advantages you can expect.

How do braces adjust teeth?

Braces use brackets, which are glued to the teeth, and an arch-wire, which places pressure on the teeth. The braces put constant pressure on the teeth and jaws, which gradually allows them to move into the designed alignment. Braces can move your teeth in multiple directions, which allows the teeth to be evenly situated, side-by-side.

Your teeth are surrounded by soft tissue, including your gums and periodontal ligaments. Your periodontal ligaments are the key to realigning your teeth. They hold your teeth in place, but they can also stretch or constrict. This helps move your teeth into the proper position. For instance, if your braces adjust a tooth to the left, the ligament on the left will compress. Then new bone forms on the right side, which fills the gap and results in a properly aligned smile.

Braces may also be used with expanders to increase the size of the palate, which is common when correcting overcrowding. This leaves more space for the teeth.

Braces can correct misaligned bites

In addition to straight, evenly-spaced teeth, braces can also help correct overbites, underbites and crossbites. When your jaws are misaligned, they can cause excessive wear on your teeth. In extreme cases, it may even cause tooth loss. Braces can gradually move the jaws into the proper position to correct misaligned bites.

Keep in mind that braces aren’t the only way to correct misaligned bites. Retainers and other orthodontic devices can also help, depending on your specific dental needs.

Braces help improve dental hygiene

Finally, braces will improve your overall dental hygiene. Misaligned or overcrowded teeth can be very difficult to brush and floss properly. This can lead to plaque buildup, periodontal issues and cavities, if left unaddressed. By fixing tooth alignment and spacing, braces make it possible to easily brush and floss your teeth. Plus, as you learn to care for your braces, you’ll build on positive oral health habits, which will set you up for a lifetime of good dental hygiene.

Is it time to consider braces?

If you’re suffering from misaligned or uneven teeth, braces may help you achieve the healthy, smile you’ve always wanted. Your Fioritto dentist can schedule a consultation and explain your options; whether braces, retainers or other devices are best suited for your individual dental goals.  Remember, braces are not reserved for teenagers – many adults have benefited from braces later in life.

Call Fioritto Family Dental for an appointment today, and learn whether braces can help improve your smile and overall dental health.