Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth removal is almost a rite of passage for young adults. The question most commonly posed is, do you still need to have wisdom teeth removed if they’re not causing any issues?

The best way to determine whether your wisdom teeth should be removed is to talk to your dentist at Fioritto Family Dental. In some cases, it may not be necessary to remove them, however if your dentist believes there is a strong likelihood for issues down the road, he/she will likely recommend removal.

Why are wisdom teeth removed?

There are many reasons wisdom teeth may be removed, including:

  • Cavities: When your gums swell, bacteria can invade the pockets between your gums and teeth and cause cavities. In some cases, removal is better long-term solution than filling the cavities.
  • Tooth damage: When this last set of molars erupt, they can push on adjacent teeth causing misalignment. This is especially true for people with small mouths, simply because their mouth cannot accommodate extra teeth.
  • Jaw damage: Sometimes cysts can form around wisdom teeth and create damage to the jaw.
  • Alignment issues: In addition to the bite problems that occur when wisdom teeth erupt, they may push your other teeth out of alignment.
  • Sinus problems: Sometimes wisdom teeth can cause or exacerbate sinus issues, such as congestion and pressure. Removal helps or eliminates these problems.
  • Inflamed gums: Wisdom teeth may cause tissues to swell and become inflamed. Not only is this unpleasant, but it can lead to cavities and gum disease.
  • Sideways eruption: Finally, your wisdom teeth may erupt sideways or at an angle, which is not only uncomfortable, but less than ideal to maintain a healthy, aligned smile.

When is removal unnecessary?

When your wisdom teeth have erupted, are healthy, positioned correctly and can be cleaned using your normal oral hygiene routine, you can keep them. Of course, it’s important that a Fioritto dentist agrees—make sure you get the go-ahead at your next dental check-up.

Some people live for decades with fully erupted wisdom teeth, only to develop problems later. Some never have any issues. To ensure your oral health is in great shape, be sure to keep regular appointments with us. If your wisdom teeth show signs of damage, infection, cavities or other issues, we may decide it’s best to have them removed.

The dentists at Fioritto Dental can help you understand your options. If your wisdom teeth are not causing problems, monitoring them over time may be the right option. If your wisdom teeth require removal, don’t worry! Our highly skilled dentists will ensure you are comfortable and stress-free during the entire process.

Don’t forget to schedule your regular checkups with Fioritto Family Dental. Call today to schedule your next appointment, and discuss wisdom teeth removal.