Back to School Dental Care Tips

Heading back to school offers the perfect opportunity to remind your children of the importance of good oral health care. As they adjust to their schedules and classmates, so too can they adjust to brushing and flossing at least twice a day! Proper oral care should be part of their daily routine, just like math, lunch and recess!

Create a lifetime of good oral health habits by teaching your children as soon as their teeth erupt! The sooner you begin teaching your children, the easier it will become over time. Here are some of our best back-to-school dental care tips:

Common dental issues

Your child’s teeth are still developing, and therefore it is important to keep an eye on their dental health. Minor issues can become problematic over time if left untreated.  It’s best to nip it in the bud as soon as possible.

Children often suffer from the same dental problems as adults. Watch for canker sores, bad breath, tooth sensitivity, bleeding gums and discomfort. If you suspect your child is having a dental issue, schedule an appointment with your Fioritto Family dentist as soon as possible, so we can quickly address and resolve the issue(s).

Dental care tips for kids heading back to school

  • Make dental care fun – Depending on your child’s age, making dental care fun can foster ongoing compliance. Take your child to the neighborhood drug store to select a new toothbrush—maybe one with their favorite character. You can add music to their brushing routine, or create a calendar; every time they brush and floss, a sticker is placed on the calendar. Good dental care is its own reward, but try telling that to a four-year-old!
  • Choose snacks and drinks wisely – When packing lunches and snacks, make sure to choose healthy options. Sliced vegetables, cheese and lunchmeat can be good tooth-friendly snacks for little ones. Make sure to send them to school with plenty of water—even if they complain that all the other kids get soda and juice.
  • Consider sports-related preventative measures – If your child plays sports, don’t forget the mouthguard. Kids who already have their permanent teeth should understand how important it is to protect them. Ask your dentist at Fioritto Dental whether your child needs to take additional precautions during games and practice.
  • Schedule a back-to-school check-up – This is a great time to schedule your child’s semi-annual dental check-up. Our dentists will provide a comprehensive dental exam to snuff out issues before they become problematic. If your child is in an “I refuse to listen to Mom and Dad” phase, they’ll likely be more receptive to hearing about the importance of good oral health directly from their dentist!

Ready to schedule an appointment for your little one? The friendly and caring dentists at Fioritto Family Dental are here to help. Call us today!