The Missing Teeth Conundrum

If you are living with missing teeth, we surely don’t have to tell you about the frustrations that arise as a result. You likely have trouble eating your favorite foods, or perhaps you can only chew on one side. If you have teeth missing that are near the front of your mouth, it may hinder your smile, impact your self-esteem—and even stymie job prospects or promotions.

Your teeth shouldn’t be the defining factor in how you live. Don’t allow missing teeth to stop you from getting the job you want, or the relationship you’ve dreamed of.  Fioritto Family Dental can help!

Issues with missing teeth

  • Problems chewing – Depending on which of your teeth are missing, you may have problems biting into an apple, digesting salad, or chewing a piece of steak. You don’t have to miss out on the delicious food life has to offer.
  • Lack of self-confidence – Very few people can lose teeth without losing self-confidence, too—especially when it’s the front teeth that are missing or broken down. A beautiful smile is the first step to re-gaining your confidence. The dentists at Fioritto Dental will gladly explain all of your options!
  • Shifting teeth – Unfortunately, having teeth missing can have some serious ramifications. You may have noticed that your teeth adjacent have shifted — meaning your teeth may lean, or the gaps between the teeth have widened. In addition to fixing your teeth that are missing, dental work may be necessary on the adjacent teeth as well. The sooner you treat your tooth loss, the better!
  • Bone loss – Missing pearly whites can also cause bone loss in the face and jaw. Your jaws may weaken as a result of tissue deterioration. Tissue and bone deterioration can make you look and feel older than you really are.
  • Mental health impact – It’s no secret that most people find dental issues to be embarrassing and upsetting. This in turn can result in depression and anxiety. Help is just a call away. Our dentists will recommend solutions that will improve your self-image, oral health and your overall health!
  • Early aging – What if we told you that missing teeth leads to early aging? Teeth are the structures that tissue and skin depend upon to form a solid foundation. Without teeth, tissue deteriorates and skin sags, making people look and feel older!
  • Speech issues – Lastly, it can lead to speech issues, which is a problem for anyone—but if you have a customer or public-facing job, it’s especially difficult.

The dental team at Fioritto Family Dental will explain the treatment options that are available to you.  Call us today to schedule an appointment and allow us to beautifully restore your smile.