Dental Anxiety? Sedation Dentistry Can Put You at Ease!

The whirring of a dental drill. The fear that, at any moment, you’ll experience some discomfort. Fear of the dentist is something many people struggle with, and it’s hard to overcome. For some people, the thought of scheduling a routine cleaning appointment is enough to make them sweat.

We understand, and we can help!

The dental staff at Fioritto Family Dental is committed to providing a safe and relaxing experience. If dental anxiety keeps postponing a trip to our Concord, or Mentor OH offices, we have several sedation dentistry options that may be right for you.

Dental anxiety is very real for many people

More people suffer from dental anxiety than you may think. And it’s not just kids. Many adults dread visiting their dentist as well, so don’t feel embarrassed! We offer sedation dentistry to minimize various levels of anxiety, whether you have a tiny bit of nerves or avoid dental appointments altogether. We understand dentistry may seem a bit daunting, which is why we’re here to help you every step of the way.

How sedation dentistry works

At Fioritto Family Dental, we offer three primary forms of sedation: oral, inhaled or IV sedation.

Oral and inhaled sedations allow you to remain awake during the procedures while experiencing complete relaxation. Oral sedation comes in the form of a pill and takes 30 to 60 minutes to kick in. Inhaled sedation involves nitrous oxide and oxygen administered with a nasal hood. These methods are recommended for patients who deal with mild levels of anxiety—someone who can work up the nerve to come in for an appointment, but gets very uncomfortable once they’re in the chair.

For more serious cases, we recommend IV sedation. It’s administered through a vein and allows you to immediately drift off to sleep. This makes a great option for patients with severe anxiety because those who use IV sedation remember very little or nothing at all from the dental procedure.

All three sedation methods help deal with varying degrees of anxiety. We’ll help decide which is best for you.

Can you request sedation dentistry?

Absolutely! Your comfort is a top priority for us. We’ll do everything in our power to ensure your visit is a positive experience. Our dentists would love the opportunity to serve you and are committed to offering anxiety-free dental procedures.

Before we can approve a method of sedation dentistry, your dentist at Fioritto Dental will run through a few simple steps. He/she will review the list of medications you’re currently taking to ensure sedation is a safe option for you, and review your health history to assess potential risk factors. Keep in mind, we’ll match you with the safest method of sedation based on your health and level of anxiety!

Here’s what to expect

The length of your appointment will vary depending on the type of sedation we use. For instance, oral sedation requires more time in order to take effect and will make the procedure longer. If you plan to use sedation dentistry, make sure a friend or family member tags along to drive you home once the procedure is done. Unless you’re using inhaled sedation, it’ll take a bit of time before you can get back to your normal activities.

At Fioritto Family Dental, taking care of your teeth is nothing to worry about. With us, you’ll be in the good hands of professionals who will put your mind at ease. You might even be excited to come back!

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