You Cracked Your Tooth! Now What?

The risk of cracking a tooth may not seem like an immediate concern. Most patients don’t give it a second thought until the damage is already done. It takes a lot to crack a tooth, right? As it turns out, cracked teeth are more common than most people realize—but just as painful as you’d expect!

The dentists at Fioritto Family Dental are here to help you if you have a cracked tooth. We know how painful it can be, and we’ve helped patients throughout Mentor and Concord, OH heal their smile. Here’s what you need to know about a cracked tooth—how it happens, how we fix it and what you can do to avoid one!

Getting a cracked tooth is easier than you think!

Most people have a misconception that trauma is what causes cracked teeth. A car accident. An unfortunate baseball injury. An America’s Funniest Home Videos moment. While this is sometimes true, cracking a tooth can easily happen during everyday activities, too. For example, patients who chew on objects as a way to cope with stress are more prone to cracking a tooth on something like a pen. Similarly, patients who regularly grind and clench their teeth (bruxism) are more prone to cracked teeth.

Seek dental care for a cracked tooth ASAP

If you notice a crack or chip in your tooth, schedule an appointment with Fioritto Dental as soon as possible. This can range from a crack in the enamel, to a tooth split in half! A crack that’s barely noticeable might not seem like an issue, but it will get worse over time if left untreated. Cracks allow bacteria to collect under tooth enamel, eventually resulting in decay. Cracks also run deeper with time and can lead to pieces of the tooth breaking off.

This all sounds scary, but the good news is we’re here to help. A cracked tooth is considered a dental emergency, which means we’ll get you into the dentist’s chair ASAP to fix it. Booking an appointment is the first step in keeping a painful problem from getting worse.

Filling, bonding, root canals and extractions

Treating your cracked tooth depends on the severity of the problem. To understand that, your dentist will probe the tooth and examine it.

Craze lines are minor cracks in the enamel that don’t cause pain and easily go unnoticed. These can be taken care of with a filling. Cracks that split through dentin lead to infection, pain and sensitivity to hot and cold foods. If this is the case for you, we offer bonding to get your teeth back to normal and prevent more damage.

A tooth that has split in half causes a lot of pain and calls for a more involved procedure. Our experienced dentists are great at administering root canals to stop the pain and restore the cosmetic look of the damaged tooth. In some cases, we can extract the broken tooth for you and replace it with a dental bridge or implant that will give you a brand-new smile!

Here’s how to avoid cracking a tooth

Avoiding a cracked tooth comes down to proper oral care and good habits. Resist the urge to chew on ice, hard foods or bite on hard items due to a nervous habit. If you suffer from bruxism, speak with your Fioritto Family dentist about a bite guard. Remember, to brush and floss at least twice a day!

Accidents happen. You can’t always avoid cracked or chipped teeth. If it happens to you, we’re here to offer many restorative solutions. The road to a better smile is just one call away. No matter what kind of dental issue you’re dealing with, the professionals at Fioritto Family Dental have the solution.

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